Synthetic Stone

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Synthetic Stone

Do you enjoy the look of natural stone walls, but you’re looking for a viable alternative? Cultured stone, or what some folks call Synthetic Stone, can be a great alternative for housing exteriors, fireplaces, storefronts, hardscapes, and landscapes! If you’re looking for the beauty of natural stone, but you want the flexibility and affordability of cultured stone, look no further than Sand-Stone, Inc. We work hard to keep the very best supplies and suppliers of high-quality, flexible, beautiful synthetic stone for all your construction, remodeling, and building project needs.

Sand-Stone, Inc. has great working relationships with the very best suppliers of Cultured Stone, and that benefits YOU, our most valued customers. By maintaining great business relationships with top-tier manufacturers and suppliers, we have access to their entire catalogue of building supply materials, available today at prices you wouldn’t believe! Don’t sacrifice quality for affordability, when you can have the highest level of cultured stone quality from the best suppliers at Sand-Stone’s low prices!

The two primary manufacturing suppliers that we use for cultured stone, including Suncrest Stone and Coronado Stone, are the upper echelon of stone building supplies. These two great companies are as reputable for their great quality of products as they are for their professional business dealings. Suncrest Stone has long been known as the company with perhaps the most impressive line of stone veneers on the market. Suncrest’s synthetic stone products are as beautiful as they are durable. Coronado Stone Products have a reputation for unsurpassed beauty, proven craftsmanship, and an extensive selection. Coronado Stone boasts the largest range of products and colors in the industry. Between the great cultured stone products of Coronado Stone and Suncrest Stone, it’s easy to see why Sand-Stone, Inc. has gained such a great reputation as the #1 local building supply for all of Metro Atlanta, West Georgia, and East Alabama.

There are some amazing benefits to utilizing Sand-Stone’s Cultured Stone products, including but not limited to:

Lighter weight

Traditionally, Cultured Stone and Manufactured Stone products are much lighter than Natural Stone. This means you can more viably use the stone to create walls or overhanging archways, among other building projects. You not only can cut down on your adhesive costs, but you can have a thinner structure, and cut down on your ACTUAL costs!

Wider Variety

With Natural Stone, you will largely be held to the designs and color options that Mother Nature has created for you. While we agree that Natural Stone is beautiful in its own unique imperfections, cultured stone can offer limitless volumes of design and color flexibility.

Easier Installation

Cultured, synthetic stone is not only lighter and more customizable than natural stone, but did you know that most cultured stone is actually self-supporting? It can often be applied directly to a clean, prepared masonry surface, or attached to a stabilizing object like a metal lathe.

More bang for your buck

If you have a larger surface area that you wish to be encased in stone, you will very likely be able to stretch your dollars much further if you choose to use synthetic stones. For instance, if you want to cover an entire wall face, instead of just a wall accent, you can cover much more surface area for the same amount of money with cultured stone.