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You might have been getting your masonry building supplies, hardscape materials, and landscaping supplies from Sand-Stone for years. You may have been enjoying their high-quality supplies as much as their low-rate, affordable pricing for longer than you can remember. You may know every employee by name. But you might not know that there is a story in the hyphen. Way back in 1985, Scott Hunt played a part in helping repurpose the excess sand from the Chattahoochee River. Residents, Builders, and Contractors needed the river sand for masonry and building purposes, as well as landscaping purposes. Hence the “Sand” part. Another item that builders seemed to need for hardscaping, building, and landscaping purposes was natural stone that was cultivated safely and locally. This became the 2nd part of the equation. So the name, Sand-Stone, was a natural fit of the first 2 products offered by this company of destiny! Wow!

You don’t stay in business very long in the Southeastern United States if you don’t have something substantial to offer. While the patterns for residential and commercial customers may vary, one thing remains true for both markets: if you don’t have high-quality products, top-shelf customer services, at reasonable pricing, your company may not live to see the decades go by. But when you are able to offer the highest quality, locally-based products, at amazingly affordable prices, you may be able to hang around long enough to firmly establish a reputation.

Since 1985, Sand-Stone Inc has offered perhaps the highest-quality masonry building supplies of any local supplier to the residents, builders, and contractors of West Georgia and East Alabama. That’s more than 30 years of outstanding customer service to Metro Atlanta, West GA, and East AL. It goes without saying that that kind of story doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years and years of consistent, outstanding products and customer service at affordable pricing to even have a chance to last 30 years in the South. But that’s exactly what Sand-Stone Inc has done. And we can’t wait to offer West Georgia and East Alabama residents, builders, and contractors the same outstanding products at the same outstanding prices for at least 30 more!

“My husband thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to keep using Sand-Stone when we moved to Lawrenceville. So I let him sniff around a few building material supply places, and let him discover what I already knew. Nobody comes close to Sand-Stone for quality and price. I’ll never use anybody else!”

Janice Reynolds Lawrenceville, GA

Do you need masonry building supplies like brick, stone, or block for your next project? Look no further than Sand-Stone, Inc. With convenient locations in Douglasville, GA, and Carrollton, GA, it’s easy to see why residents, builders, and contractors from all around West Georgia and East Alabama refuse to get their supply materials from anyone else. Once you’ve experienced the Sand-Stone difference, you know you’ve found your #1 local building supplier for life!

Build it once. Build it right. Build it forever, with Sand-Stone, Inc. Contact, call, or come on by today! We can’t wait to help your next project be amazing!

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Do you need masonry building supplies like brick, stone, or block for your next project? Look no further than Sand-Stone, Inc.

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