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Retaining Wall Blocks

At Sand-Stone Inc., the #1 local Masonry Building Supply Company in West Georgia or East Alabama, is also your #1 local resource for Retaining Walls, Retaining Wall Supplies, and Retaining Wall Blocks. When you choose to use Sand-Stone for all your building, hardscaping, and landscaping supply needs, you get more than just the West Metro’s #1 locally-wrangled building supply materials. You also get the advantage of having 30 years of local building material supply services on your side. Since 1985, local residents, builders, contractors, and landscapers look no further than Sand-Stone, Inc. Now, with our two convenient locations in Douglasville, GA and Carrollton, GA, we can help serve the south better than ever!

Retaining Walls can be made of natural stone, synthetic stone, or for a more specialized, secure setup, Retaining Wall Blocks are perhaps the best bang for your buck. They are intentionally constructed for combination building. Retaining Wall Blocks are often so sophisticated, builders don’t have to use mortar to create a sturdy, beautiful retain wall for your pool, patio, walkways, flower garden, or any other structure. Keep the beautiful visibility of your front yard landscaping, all while keeping everything in place with the beautiful accents of Retaining Walls. Sand-Stone has everything you need for Retaining Walls, Patios, Pavers, or any Hardscaping, Landscaping, or Building project you need. We’ve been West Georgia and East Alabama’s #1 local Building Supplier since 1985. Come see us, and check out our outstanding masonry building supplies.

Did you know you can use Retaining Wall Blocks to make a beautifully cascading staircase? You can also use retaining wall materials to hardscape the side of your pool. Retaining Wall Materials from Sand-Stone can also be used to create a beautiful, secure, privacy fence for your backyard or property line. Your friendly expert from Sand-Stone can help you today figure out the best uses and products for your next retaining wall project. If you choose to use mortarless solutions for your retaining wall project, you can actually reuse your retaining wall blocks in another location, or for another purpose, sometime in the future.

If you are considering retaining wall blocks for your next project, it may be helpful to know that your first level will usually be partially buried. This will likely affect the height of your wall, so adjust your block purchase accordingly. Most experts recommend purchasing around 10% more blocks than the total of your calculation. This will account for height, course, and cutting. Sand Stone has everything you need to make your next retaining wall project an amazing accent to your hardscaping for years to come! Contact, call, or just come on by Sand-Stone, Inc. today! We can’t wait to hear from you!