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Pavers. To an average, red-blooded American, this could seem to be a strange term. At first glance, the word pavers or the term paver supplies seems like something you would call a person who paves driveways and walkways. Or you might think a paver was a machine used to complete the same task. But if you’ve ever been to Sand-Stone, and checked out our products and materials for Hardscaping projects for your backyard, walkways, patios, or retaining walls, you probably have a different idea of what hardscaping products, like pavers, actually are. And now, when you see that same look of inquisitiveness in the eyes of someone else who is new to paver culture, you can’t help but smile.

Pavers are essentially interlocking, precut blocks or bricks, often with the appearance of natural stone, or stone tiles, which can be used for a wide variety of hardscaping projects. The beautiful aesthetics of pavers can turn an average driveway into a beautiful entranceway. The strength and durability of Pavers can turn your average sidewalk into an elegant pathway. The interlocking technology is not only sturdy and sophisticated, but it is actually great for water drainage. Never worry about driveway puddles again, all while keeping your environmental footprint small through replenishing ground water supplies.

The beauty of our Interlocking Pavers is matched only by the practical versatility of these beautiful paving stones. With a traditional porch, patio, driveway, or walkway that is constructed with poured concrete, what happens when the surface begins to crack? You can either ignore it, dreadfully watch it take over your entire outdoor flooring, or try to chop and replace the section. None of these solutions are very cost-effective or aesthetically pleasing, nor will they guarantee the integrity of your poured surface. But if you have a driveway or walkway made of beautiful, interlocking pavers, and something happens to one of the stones, you can solve your problem quickly and efficiently, simply by replacing that particular paver stone! Amazing!

Don’t wait another day! If you’ve been wanting to revive your stagnant backyard, or remodel the look and feel of your patio or entrance ways, Sand-Stone has the Pavers and Paver Supplies you need to do your job right! Our selection is endless. Our prices are amazing. Our experts are ready, willing, and able to help you create the Hardscapes you’ve been dreaming of! Change the look, feel, and function of your entire property with Pavers and Paving Stones from Sand-Stone, your #1 local Masonry Supply Center.