Top Quality Landscaping Materials

red dyed mulch


One of the most reliable and sought after ground covering materials for residential and commercial landscaping projects is Mulch. Whether you’re looking for garden mulch, landscaping mulch, driveway mulch, walkway mulch, or any other landscape project that calls for high quality mulch, Sand-Stone has everything you’re looking for, and so much more! If you’ve never experienced the Sand-Stone difference, please contact us, call an expert, or just come on by our Douglasville or Carrollton locations, and say hi! And while you’re there, load up on the best mulch from the best local building, hardscaping, and landscaping supply company in the entire Southeast!

Mulch is great for landscaping beds, gardens, flower beds, or any natural setting you happen to be cultivating. Typically made of natural, shredded hardwoods, mulch is a dynamite choice for wooded, open, or natural settings. Line your Dogwoods or Bradford Pear Trees with beautiful darkened mulch for beauty and function. Keep weeds at bay with a load of cypress mulch bio carpet. Even create a beautiful, durable playground surface for your children with our Kids Safe Mix mulch. Mini Pine Bark Nuggets are a beautiful, texturized choice for any garden, orchard, or landscaping project. The possibilities are endless!

Since 1985, Sand-Stone has worked diligently to ensure our Building, Masonry, Hardscaping, and Landscaping Products and Materials are second to none. And we work just as hard to ensure we can offer those to you for your residential or commercial needs at the lowest possible prices available. If you have never been to Sand-Stone, come on down to our Douglasville or Carrollton locations, and say hello to any of our Materials experts!

We are always happy to help, whether you know exactly what you want for your next project, or if you haven’t quite gotten it all mapped out yet. We take pride in catering to residential customers as well as our commercial builders and contractors. Everyone is welcome at Sand-Stone! So come on down, and take home a load of mulch, topsoil, or bio carpet today! We’ll be waiting for you!