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Masonry Supplies

Why do so many Contractors & Builders choose to use Sand-Stone, Inc. for all their Masonry Supplies, Building Supplies, Hardscape Materials, and Landscaping Materials?

Two reasons:

Quality Materials and Low Prices

Okay, maybe there are many more reasons that West Georgia and East Alabama Contractors and Builders choose to do business with the West Metro’s #1 Local Masonry Supplies provider, Sand-Stone, Inc. Perhaps they enjoy the good, old-fashioned service they get from the REAL people at Sand-Stone. Maybe it’s because they know their Materials and Supplies will never be cut-rate, second-hand material. Maybe they appreciate the fact that Sand-Stone will never take short cuts when selecting the Building and Masonry Supplies they choose to carry.

Professional Builder & Contractors know that the materials and supplies they get from Sand-Stone will never jeopardize the integrity of their own craftsmanship. If you can’t be sure about the materials you’re using, how can you ever be sure about the beautiful homes, hardscapes, and architecture you’re building? Contractors and Builders in Metro Atlanta, West Georgia, and East Alabama can always rest easy and confidently in their craftsmanship if they choose to use Sand-Stone, Inc. for their building and Masonry Supplies. And you can too!

Since 1985, Builder and Contractors from all over the Southeast have found a building supply and masonry supply company they can trust, Sand-Stone, Inc. And if having two convenient locations, in Douglasville, GA and Carrollton, GA, wasn’t enough, Sand-Stone even has special rate shipping and delivery for our valued Contractor and Professional Building Clients. If you need it, we can get it there! Of course, if you’re the kind of go-getter that likes to back you flat-bed right up to the pile, and load it up, we can comply with your wishes as well.

No other Masonry Supplies Company will do for you what Sand-Stone can do. Don’t trust your next housing, hardscape, or building project to a supplier with inferior materials. Trust the company who puts as much into getting the best building materials as you put into using them to build with. Trust Sand-Stone, Inc. Contact us, call an expert, or just come on by today. We can’t wait to change your perspective of what a masonry supplies company should be.