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Did you know that Metro Atlanta’s #1 local building supply, masonry supply, and hardscape supply company is also West Georgia and East Alabama’s best Landscape Materials supply company? That’s right! Sand-Stone, Inc., has been on your side for over 30 years. If you need Landscaping Sand, Sand-Stone has you covered! If you need gravel for your driveway, walkway lining, or parking lot, Sand-Stone is right around the corner! If you need mulch for your treescapes, flowerbeds, or pathway borders, look no further than Douglasville and Carrollton’s home for the best Landscape Materials at the best prices, Sand-Stone, Inc.

Sand-Stone was founded, way back in 1985, on the principle of supplying the items that people needed most (at the time that was sand and stone) for their hardscaping and landscaping needs at a higher quality and lower cost than any other supplier. And that is still our goal, more than 30 years down the road. If we wouldn’t get our landscape materials from us, why would we expect our most valuable commercial and residential customers to do so? That’s why we work so hard to maintain the best resources available, especially when we can get them at affordable prices. This helps us ensure that your landscaping project can stay within budget, without sacrificing the quality of your landscape materials. So whether you’re a residential homeowner looking to improve or maintain your landscaping and hardscaping projects, or if you’re a professional builder, landscaper, or contractor looking to secure the highest landscape materials possible for your new subdivision, business, or private home project, we have you covered!

Check out the most amazing landscape materials you could ever hope for from a local landscape and building materials supplier! Available in huge quantities for huge projects, or just a few scoops of landscaping goodness for your raised flower bed, Sand-Stone has everything you need! Our scope of landscape materials includes, but is not limited to these specialized, localized materials:

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Do you need masonry building supplies like brick, stone, or block for your next project? Look no further than Sand-Stone, Inc.

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From decorative concrete block stones, to the extra durable standard block.


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