Fireplace Stone

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Fireplace Stone

Are you looking to build an outdoor fireplace? Would your family enjoy the cozy glow of a firepit on the outdoor patio? If you are a Hardscape Connoisseur, and you live in Western Georgia or Eastern Alabama, then you need to know about Sand-Stone, Inc. Sand-Stone has everything you need for your next residential or commercial hardscaping project, including brick, stone, block, pavers, and everything else you would need to fit them all together to create the beautiful hardscape projects you’re longing for.

For the retaining walls, patios, walkways, and outdoor fireplaces of your dreams, you need high quality materials. You need the very best that your hard-earned money can buy. For outstanding, beautiful, long-lasting indoor and outdoor fireplaces, you need the best fire rated stone you can get. That’s why Sand-Stone carries only the highest quality fireplace stone on the market. That’s why Sand-Stone specializes in the outstanding fire rated fireplace stone products from FireRock.

FireRock is one of the most respected names in Masonry Fireplaces, and Sand-Stone has your most coveted selections of FireRock Fireplace Stone products available today! FireRock also excels in high-quality Pavers, Slate Roofing, and outdoor Flooring supplies. FireRock has staked their reputation on delivering convenience to the Custom Home Market, which is very similar to the way Sand-Stone Inc represents itself. If you are looking for the amazing masonry supplies that FireRock has become famous for, look no further than Sand-Stone, Inc. We have everything you need!

Contractors, Builders, Landscapers, and Residential Customers from West Georgia to East Alabama know that the best brick for all building purposes comes from Sand-Stone Masonry Supply Center. If you need face brick for housing, masonry brick for hardscaping, fire bricks for chimneys, or any kind of brick for any other purposes, the #1 local supplier since 1985 has been Sand-Stone, Inc. We specialize in providing the highest quality, and the largest selection, with all the charm and goodness of a friendly, neighborhood, Building Supply Company. If you usually look for brick at a corporate conglomerate superstore, you may not be used to the kind of selection, specialization, and variety of a company like Sand-Stone. Regardless of your needs, or even if you are just beginning to scout building supply companies in your area, please consider calling, contacting, or simply coming by Sand-Stone. We’re here to meet your brick and masonry needs!