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Contractors, Builders, Landscapers, and Residential Customers from West Georgia to East Alabama know that the best brick for all building purposes comes from Sand-Stone Masonry Supply Center. If you need face brick for housing, masonry brick for hardscaping, fire bricks for chimneys, or any kind of brick for any other purposes, the #1 local supplier since 1985 has been Sand-Stone, Inc. We specialize in providing the highest quality, and the largest selection, with all the charm and goodness of a friendly, neighborhood, Building Supply Company. If you usually look for brick at a corporate conglomerate superstore, you may not be used to the kind of selection, specialization, and variety of a company like Sand-Stone. Regardless of your needs, or even if you are just beginning to scout building supply companies in your area, please consider calling, contacting, or simply coming by Sand-Stone. We’re here to meet your brick and masonry needs!

We carry nothing but the best supply and style of decorative, fire, and building bricks for all your construction, remodeling, or renovation needs. We also have everything you need for brick walkways, pathways, archways, bridges, bannisters, stairs and staircases, or any other hardscaping or landscaping design or project you have in mind. Why brick? Well, we think brick is great for:


one of the most diverse building materials, you have the color, texture, and classic style you want with our diverse selections of high-quality brick. Sand-Stone has such a wide variety of beautiful brick products, you can build your wildest dreams, one beautiful brick at a time.


How many times have you seen a brick chimney standing as the lone remnants of a house fire? Very few building materials are as durable as brick, and Sand-Stone carries the most durable brick on the market.

Environmentally Sound

With a lengthy life cycle, high rate of energy efficiency, and vast recycling options, our brick products have perhaps the smallest environmental footprint of all building material options. A vote for brick is a vote for the future!


very few housing or building materials are as safe and permanent as our superior brick products. Tough, rugged, impermeable, but always with a touch of sophistication and class; that’s what your friends and neighbors will see, and what your family will feel, with beautiful, tough brick from Sand-Stone.


From beautiful new Face Brick for housing exteriors, to vintage, weathered brick for your modern home interior, no building material is as classic, or flexible, as brick. Use it for indoor or outdoor fireplaces, chimneys, decks and walkways, retaining walls, and so much more. Once you start, you may never stop finding uses for our beautiful, flexible brick products.

So if you’ve been dreaming of a brick home exterior, interior, hardscape, pathway, retaining wall, or any other brick-based project, look no further than West Georgia and East Alabama’s #1 Local Building Supply Company, Sand-Stone Inc. Contact us on this site, give us a call, schedule an appointment or consultation with one of our brick experts, or simply drop on by either of our two convenient Western Georgia locations, in Douglasville or Carrollton. We can’t wait to help make your brick house dreams into a reality!

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Do you need masonry building supplies like brick, stone, or block for your next project? Look no further than Sand-Stone, Inc.

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We carry nothing but the best supply and style of decorative, fire, and building bricks


Give your interiors and exteriors the flair they’ve been missing, with the aesthetic beauty of natural stone


From decorative concrete block stones, to the extra durable standard block.


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